Houston Texas 4pc Coaster Gift Set

Show some Houston pride with this humorous 4-piece set of coasters that read “HOUSTON F-CKING TEXAS.”  If you’re a big fan of Houston and its reputation for NASA, oil, cowboys, and football, you’ve got everything you need to make a statement with a simple coaster. Use one for a chilled margarita or paloma for a true Texas experience! These coasters have had their designs permanently laser etched into the surface, so you can use them for years without worrying about the graphics fading. Plus, the designs are handmade for an authentic look. Of course, the best part about this gift is the fact that everybody needs coasters! If they already have coasters, now they have enough to invite over four more friends – or give each guest two drinks instead. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas! Specifications:

  • Made from 1/4" inch eco-friendly cork 
  • Brand: 8 Track Romeo
  • Includes 4 coasters
  • Free shipping 



Show some city pride with a set of 4 Identical Coasters which read “HOUSTON F-CKING TEXAS”. Great for a home that has a sense of humor to keep at work for your desk

We think coasters make the perfect gift because there really isnt anyone who cant use coasters. Even if they already have some, who cant use more? And even if they are not impressed with the design you chose for them its ok, the back is plain so they can just turn it over. We have confidence in you though, we have a lot of great designs to choose from so we know you will make the right decision.

Each set comes in a clear box which you can see examples of in the last few pics

Made from 1/4″ eco friendly sustainable cork. The designs are permanently laser etched (burned) onto the surface. Thank you for supporting handmade. We try to offer you unique designs that you wont find anywhere else.

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