Los Angeles

HOLLYWOOD Chocolate Gift Set Souvenir

Yummy chocolate souvenir for your Hollywood friends! This set will be a great idea for a present for your family, friends, or visitors of Hollywood. Leave tasty memories of this city by eating delicious chocolate with landmarks and sightseeing views. Each of the 9 wrappers contains one of the historical facts about Hollywood    




Cardboard box with extendable base. 9 different wrappers for each piece of chocolate.
DA CHOCOLATE proposes a variety of unique gift sets that will satisfy your present needs for every occasion. Unique presents, tasty gift card and even chocolate sets with your own photos! And this is not a complete list of what awaits you on our store page.
High quality Belgian raw, very beautiful and pleasant to the touch cardboard and workers who are love their job – that is the secret of a great product Da Chocolate produce!

We love our chocolate and we are really happy to share it with you!

Pieces of chocolate made from high-quality raw
Creative carton box – MAGNET with sliding bottom

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