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If you’re looking for elbow room Wyoming is the state for you, because they like it that way. With about 6 people per square mile this is the place for people looking to find solitude. Honestly, for people in Wyoming 6 may even be a little bit too high. Don’t let this fool you, even though this community lives far apart they are a hard working bunch who have got their neighbor’s back. Part of Northern Wyoming even attempted to join with portions of South Dakota and Montana to form a new state called “Absaroka" in 1939. The state capitol was to be Sheridan, Wy. License plates were made and even a "Miss Absaroka" was named. Obviously, things didn’t work out but it was a great attempt at being extra neighborly. People are so courteous here that it is even illegal to wear a hat that obstructs people’s view in a public theater or place of amusement in Wyoming because that would be just plain rude. For Wyoming, we put together a humble collection of gifts that honor the heart and soul of this independent state.

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Our Iconic Wyoming Gift!

Our Unique Wyoming Gifts!

Our Unique Wyoming Gifts!

Officially Licensed Wyoming Bucking Horse Wine Stopper

Officially Licensed Wyoming Bucking Horse Wine Stoppers are made from rust patina steel with a solid stainless steel stopper.

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MASOP Longhorn Cattle Bull Head Texas Belt Buckle for Men Cowboy Accessory

Fashion Jeans Accessories for Boys,Men. Suitable for 1.5inch Wide Belt. Size: 9.1*6.5cm (3.6*2.6 in).

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