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Michigan is a pretty neat state, it has a wide range of exciting elements, and has 3 state nicknames. The most well-known nickname for Michigan is The Great Lakes state. Michigan is the only state that borders four out of the five Great Lakes, which is the record for shared borders. The only Great Lake Michigan doesn’t touch is Ontario.The Great Lake State also includes the longest freshwater shoreline in America and is one of the few places one can find floating post offices. Then there is the absolute gem that is Mackinac Island. With a grand 80 miles, Mackinac has been awarded the title of one of the world’s friendliest islands. The second of the three nicknames Michigan has earned itself is Water Winter Wonderland. Simply put, this place gets COLD, and so do the lakes...bring on winter sports magic. The 3rd and final nickname is The Wolverine State. This one is actually pretty ironic because oddly enough there are no longer wolverines residing in this state. Michigan is a great place, it is home to a lot of firsts. Residents living in Detroit were the first Americans to have telephone numbers, and Kalamazoo was America’s first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall. This state is awesome and it’s no wonder they sing the song, “I want to go back to Michigan, To dear Ann Arbor town, Back to Joe's and the Orient, And back to some of the money I spent, I want to go back to Michigan, To dear Ann Arbor town, I want to go back; I got to go back, To Michigan.”

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