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  • Atlanta-opoly – City Themed Board Game

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    Atlanta-opoly – City Themed Board Game

    Enjoy this themed monopoly style game with an Atlanta twist. Fun and educational. Real places represented on the game board.

    Though it looks like a traditional game of Monopoly, this board game is played in celebration of the city of Atlanta. Two to six players compete to buy the property and improve it, eventually adding keys to the city that raise the property’s rent. Players who become bankrupt leave the game. The winner is the one player left after everyone else loses their shirt. All properties are familiar Atlanta landmarks, like the King Center and Centennial Park. Big Fun cards add a random element to the game as players find themselves caught in Kudzu or winning the Peachtree Road Race. Those with a love for Atlanta will enjoy the detailed references to local customs and culture. This would be a welcome gift for friends or relatives who no longer live in Atlanta but wish they were back home. –Lee Strucker

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