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  • Boston-opoly – Themed Monopoly Style Board Game

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    Boston-opoly – Themed Monopoly Style Board Game

    Monopoly, move over–this fun new Boston board game is going to give you a run for your Atlantic City money. Designed for and by Boston natives, it’s got all the landmarks that make Bean Town such a special city–Beacon Hill, Fenway Park, the USS Constitution, and more. Like Monopoly, this game for two to six players starts with everyone receiving a stash of cash. With a roll of the dice, the players around the board, landing on various properties like the Old North Church, Copley Place, or the Union Oyster House. When you land on a property, you can opt to purchase it, trade it, or pay rent. Two kinds of wild cards, Big Fun and Contingency, spice up the competitive action. Anyone who owns large blocks of property can build a skyline, or, when it’s fully developed, trade the buildings in for the key to the city. For those poor souls who exhibit poor financial judgment, there’s always the option of a mortgage–if the IRS doesn’t get them first–to keep their dreams afloat.
    For 2-6 Players
    Choose traditional play or one hour version

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